About Sea Legs Boat Rentals

Sea Legs was conceived in 2014 by Tom and Laurie Baldwin after a trip to the British Virgin Islands, when they discovered it was difficult to find a boat to rent for the day to go island hopping, snorkeling or fishing. They thought about it and decided to start a boat rental business in the British Virgin Islands! They already had the perfect captain in mind – Edward Durante, a Road Town resident who started sailing practically before he could walk.

Please browse our boats and we are certain you will find that a Sea Legs boat rental is the key making your next BVI vacation complete. You can rent our boats by the day or the week. Whether you are in a condo on Virgin Gorda and need a island hopper, or are staying on a yacht and need a smaller vessel to drive to Foxy’s for a drink, Sea Legs BVI Boat Rental has the solution for you.

The Sea Legs Dream, Creation and Development

imageMy family and I have always loved the British Virgin Islands. Typically we came to the islands, rented a catamaran for 10 days, cruised, anchored, snorkeled, and dove, discovering new and wonderful things around every point of each island. On one of our first trips, I remember saying to my wife “I feel like Christopher Columbus must have felt when he discovered these islands long ago” even now, with so much development everywhere in the world, these islands are just as they were hundreds of years ago.

On each trip we stopped at various islands to enjoy the unspoiled beauty and maybe a restaurant or bar to cool off, or a swim on a deserted beach were always amazed at how wonderfully pristine the beaches and its surroundings were. We had found our own “Secret Island Getaway” in the BVI’s, and indeed the few license plates that there are on the islands proclaim the innate truth that the BVI’s contain “Nature’s Little Secrets”!

We loved these islands and couldn’t wait until the next trip. During Christmas of 2013, some of our friends from our hometown, who also love the islands, but don’t want to stay on a boat, said “you never go with us and this year you are! We have rented a villa overlooking Virgin Gorda and Leverick Bay, your going with us! period”. Admittedly, it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince us to go, but I asked my wife, “what do you do if your staying in a villa and don’t have a boat?”.

So began my search for rental boats in the 20-30′ range that we could all ride around in together throughout the 60 islands of our beloved British Virgin Islands. I called the charter company we had used before to rent a catamaran from in the past and they told us they didn’t know of any small boat rental companies, but gave us the two names in the phone book. We tried to rent a small boat for the duration of the trip and no one had any boats (imagine that, and island without boats!). I asked, “How about tomorrow?” No boats available! “How about day after tomorrow?” Nope. We finally found a boat for one day with a captain but couldn’t find another boat the rest of the whole trip.

I found myself sitting on the balcony of our villa, looking at the beautiful view and thought “I wonder if there are boats for rent that we are not finding”. After looking around and talking with Captain Edward Durante, who would later become my partner in Sea Legs, it became apparent that there was a shortage of 20-30′ boats for rent in the BVI, to be used for island hopping. Thus Sea Legs BVI boat rental was born out of necessity to create the perfect vacation for you and your guests when traveling to the British Virgin Islands. I hope that you enjoy your time in the BVI’s and allow us to provide the boat to make your trip truly unique.


Captain Thomas S. Baldwin, Jr.